By Mark Tudi |

So many people who want to work in sports take a narrow view of the industry and feel overwhelmed by the limited opportunities. They fail to recognize the vast depth and width of the sports marketplace, and as such fail to recognize opportunities to break in or move up.

Many entities in Sports are owned by large, Fortune 500 companies and are operated as wholly owned subsidiaries and/or business segments, but are used to attract shareholders and put a little “sizzle” in their corporate culture. Media companies and Corporate Empires own Professional Sports Teams, TV networks, Sports Facilities, Consumer Products and Services, that are all household names to sports enthusiasts, but the impact they have on the normal sports consumer may be invisible.

A few examples are:

– Comcast Spectacor (over $30.8 Billion & over 100,000 employees)
– Cablevision (over $6.4 Billion & over 22,000 employees)
– AEG (over $11.3 Billion)
– Disney (over $35.5 Billion & over 137,000 employees)

A few other major corporations that help describe the vast size of the industry are:

– Nike (over $18.5 Billion & over 30,000 employees)
– Adidas (over $13 Billion & over 25,000 employees)
– Brunswick (over $5.6 Billion & over 29,000 employees)
– Delaware North Companies (over $2 Billion & over 50,000 employees)
– Aramark (over $12.3 Billion & over 250,000 employees)

There are hundreds of jobs that exist under rocks you have never heard of before. There are opportunities to work in sports beyond selling tickets for your local professional franchise. Be diligent and research hard…the diamond you are looking for may be right in your own backyard.

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