By Mark Tudi |

Governing Bodies makes up a large part of the Sports Industry and many significant (and high paying) opportunities are often overlooked. Take note of many of the sub-segments that make up this Marketplace:

1. Bowls
2. Sports Commissions / CVB’s
3. High Schools
4. Intercollegiate Institutions
5. Olympic Organizing Committees and NGB’s
6. Youth Sports
7. Non-Profit Organizations
8. Trade Associations
9. Conferences
10. League Offices

The Executive levels of these Governing Bodies have ultimate authority, the appropriate responsibilities and compensation to go with it. Compensation packages are typically $100K+ and can go as high as $450K+…and then we get into what AD’s, Commissioners, and CEO’s make and now we are talking millions.

Visit for comprehensive breakdowns of each segment of Governing Bodies, including sample jobs and job profiles.

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