By Mark Tudi |

Whether you’ve been laid off, fired or are just ready for a career change, the attitude you take when searching for a new job shouldn’t change. When looking for work you must plan, and part of that planning is keeping yourself motivated. Staying motivated when looking for a new job can be difficult, especially when looking for work in as fickle an industry as sports, but it can be done.

The secret is not in telling yourself to keep a positive attitude, but in doing things that will create a positive attitude within you. In other words, it’s not what you say, but what you do that makes the difference. Things like:

•    It’s not just a job search it’s a job – Looking for work can be just as mentally and physically exhausting as a full-time job. Seeking out opportunity takes time and unless you dedicate the necessary effort to finding a new job you’ll never be happy with your results.
•    Set goals – everybody says it but it stills rings true, unless you have a direction you’re not getting anywhere. Set short-term and long-term goals, check them regularly and accept that sometimes you’ll have to refocus. Failing to reach a goal is far less painful than never knowing where you’re headed.
•    Do your homework – Are you searching for a job or applying for openings? Answer this question and save yourself a lot of headaches. Your efforts are determined by whether you’re prospecting for work or responding to openings. Know your course and your overall efforts will seem more worthwhile.
•    Don’t give up – It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to give in. What’s harder, and ultimately far more rewarding, is fighting the fear that you’re never going to find the right job. No matter how many people tell you no, you have to believe that somewhere there is someone who is going to say yes. And you can’t get to the person who says yes without going through all the ones who say no.

Finding the job you need or want isn’t easy, but if you tackle it with proper planning, you can keep a positive attitude. Follow the previous examples and add some of your own, do whatever it takes to stay motivated during your search. In the end, you’ll see the results.

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