By Mark Tudi |

It is true that so many employers today require you to submit a resume and cover letter online.  This makes it difficult to stand out against the other applications they have received – which can reach into the hundreds and thousands for certain jobs.

The challenge is that the online submission process is designed to KNOCK-OUT 95% of all the Resumes/Candidates who are NOT qualified (in the eyes of the employer).  This does not allow for the personal/intangible side to play a part in the process until you get a chance to meet with the Hiring Authority:

  1. Make sure your experience and résumé speaks to the Position Spec EXACTLY.  There are key words and fields that the Hiring Manager is looking for in the submission….IF you don’t have these, you will get knocked-out.
  2. Have a personal contact to the Employer/Hiring Authority.  If you don’t have one…get one.
  3. Make sure you are delivering what they need in the form of experience, ability to generate revenue and a personality that fits their culture.

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