Interviewing is an art. Before artists begin to put thoughts on paper or canvas, they have to have an idea, a purpose in mind, and the skills to “draw the picture” for the viewer’s pleasure and understanding.

Likewise, actors must read the script, understand the theme of the story and have a good feeling for their characters in the story. The actor needs to memorize lines and become a believable character.

Most interviewers do not understand what the interview game is about. They may go through the motions of learning how to interview and researching the company, but still don’t get the job offer.

They don’t realize that interviewing is like going on stage. You must know the lines, feel good about the character (you) and be skillful enough to create the illusion of an individual who can successfully carry out the responsibilities of the position.

You, as the candidate, must create a picture of the individual the employer is seeking. There are ways to create the picture candidate. Here are some points to consider.

Your demeanor must be that of a professional who is composed, articulate and at ease. The interviewer must be positive. You must convey strength, integrity, knowledge, skills and warmth.

Your words may be just right, but your body language can reveal your doubts and fears. To make sure that your body language is acceptable, clone the body language of the interviewer as much as you can.

You must know the right answers to the questions asked of you. Because your background is unique, you should seek the help of a professional career consultant to learn how to overcome any liability by making them an asset.

Unless you are well-schooled in sales techniques, you are probably not selling yourself by identifying the objectives to your employment and having the skills to overcome them. You must learn how to get them to say “yes” from the very beginning of your interview.

If you don’t ask lots of questions, the employer will think that you are not interested and perhaps not as intelligent as you really are. Your first interview should be a fact finding interview. You can’t land a position if you don’t know enough about it or the company.

The next interview you have should be your last if you learn how to comply with these suggestions. Corporate Executive Services can coach you on how to handle yourself in an interview. They help you assess what you are doing right and wrong in the interview process and develop ways to correct the problem.

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