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It is widely believed that ticket sales is the only way to get into sports. While its true that there are usually a lot of ticket sales jobs available, there are many more opportunities in areas you might be better suited to work in. Ticket sales is a great way to break into sports if you are supposed to be selling tickets. If you take a job selling tickets just for the sake of working in sports, you are prone to leave or get fired. The key to starting a successful Career in Sports is to decide what job function you do best and in what segment of the industry you have the most passion for. If you aren’t passionate about selling tickets, you probably shouldn’t sell tickets.

DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Use the Sports Career Game Plan to help you determine your passion and job function you do best.

You can also check out our listings of  hundreds of new Sports Jobs that are entry level and involve a lot of different activities. Technology, Marketing, Administration, and Facilities jobs are other great ways to break in…GOOD LUCK!

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