By Mark Tudi |

I have been to more networking events than I can count, during which I have made thousands of connections with influential decision makers. These experiences have taught me an array of lessons on how to make a good first impression, make solid connections, and extend my personal sphere of influence.

Before you enter the doors of the networking event, you need to be prepared. Do you homework by having 3-5 topics in your head that relate to your audience, and be ready to deliver in a manner that makes a meaningful connection (I am not kidding!). Also, do your research in advance. Know who is going to be there and identify the 3-5 people who you definitely would want to meet. Identify 1-3 things that would be common ground for both of you (i.e. Mutual Friends; Job Experiences; Current Events; Personal Background, etc.).

While at the event, be prepared to socialize. Get out of your comfort zone if necessary, and make sure that you meet the peopel you have set out to meet. Also, don’t be hesitant to talk to someone just because you don’t know who they are. Be charming…remember…”you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

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