By Mark Tudi |

If you’ve been in the situation that so many sports employees have, where you get stuck in a certain position or level and can’t quite break through, the following advice might help.

My first question: if you’ve been in the same position over the past several years, how many different bosses have you had?  If you’ve had the same boss for past several years….Houston, we have a problem.

Its now time to take a personal inventory.  How is your performance and the quality of the work you do?  Do you have a good relationship with peers, bosses, and subordinates?  Are there outside factors that are causing situations that stall your movement (Nepotism, favoritism, discrimination)?  Have their been any particular instances that have created a real challenge for you, like a big blow up with your boss or harassment?

If you have been being passed up, there must be something that is standing in the way.  If you have a good relationship with your boss, have heart to heart with them and discuss your current situation, as well as your career goals.  This discussion should shine a lot of light on what you can do to be considered for a promotion.

If you have been passed up by outside hires, you might want to take a look at long term possibilities.  The old adage in pro sports teams, “In order to move up, you have to move out” might be true in your situation.  If people from the outside are taking your promotion, you might have to move outside and fill someone else’s spot.

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