By Mark Tudi |

Almost all the literature I have read about networking goes into detail regarding the necessity of expanding your network and always building your network base. Former President George Bush made it a point to contact ten new people a week. Now, I won’t sit here and discount the theory because, well I believe in it, however, somebody just asked me the other day, what do you do with all the older contacts? What about the necessity of renewal?

This inquisitive individual wasn’t talking about those contacts you’ve made that are putting on a few more candles each year, she was talking about the contacts made a few years ago, last year or even those made during your last convention. Well, it is just as important to stay in touch with those you met as it is to strive to meet new ones.

Dr. Peter Titlebaum said it best during a Sports Careers Seminar, “…try to send a little something to a contact you’ve made. It could be a funny comic strip that reminds you of a conversation, it could be a business article, a book title you recommend, anything. It can even be a short e-mail saying hello.” The point Dr. Titlebaum was making is that just staying in front is enough to maintain the “mind share” with the individual.

When the time comes to conduct business, get advice or even get some help from your network, if you’ve managed your network properly, people will remember you and be more willing to listen.

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