Many people have their own formulas or lists of what it takes to become successful. A couple of my personal favorites are “Success is the sweetest revenge” or the definition of character, which is: “The ability to carry out a worthy decision once the emotion of making that decision has passed.”

Most people get very excited about accomplishing a goal or a task. For instance, how many times have most of us become very excited and even courageous about losing weight. We go through all of the emotions of looking in the mirror, picturing what our bodies will look like once we have dropped off that extra poundage we’ve been carrying around.

We plan our meals; the grapefruit breakfast, the carrot lunch, then top the day off with a wonderful cabbage dinner. The exercise has been scheduled. We’re sure we can run five miles that first time out. We are emotionally strengthened to take that weight off. It will happen!

We start the first morning off with half of a grapefruit and a plain bagel. We manage to make it through lunch with the carrot sticks. By dinner time, we walk past the refrigerator door. Somehow, it magically opens and we find ourselves sitting on the third shelf eating everything in sight. Character, simply stated, is that you do what you say you are going to do.

I ran across a list of ten qualities of a total winner developed by Denis Waitley. I think they are worth passing on.

Positive self-awareness

Winners have the ability to look at themselves objectively, both through their own eyes and as others see them.

Positive self-esteem

Winners celebrate their own worth, and they maintain a positive attitude in the most difficult times through positive self-talk.

Positive self-control

Winners make it happen. Losers let it happen. Winners believe in cause and effect, and take the responsibility for determining the direction of their own lives.

Positive self-motivation

Winners want change for the better. They keep their eye on the prize because they know their actions will be guided by what is uppermost in their motivations.

Positive self-expectancy

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We usually get what we expect, and winners expect to win. They know they deserve to win because of desire, self-control and preparation.

Positive self-image

Winners think like winners. In effect, they use the power of mental rehearsal to continually preview their own coming attractions in their minds.

Positive self-direction

Winners are goal- and role-oriented. They have a game plan that gets them where they are going every day.

Positive self-discipline

Most people think self-discipline means doing without. Winners know it is really “doing within” . . .exercising the internal control that can virtually guarantee your success.

Positive self-dimension

Winners know how to extend their positive qualities to others — their employees, co-workers and family members.

Positive self-projection

Winners look and act like winners. Their internal confidence shows on the surface and it actually motivates others to want to help them reach their goals.

Find the sayings, lists or stories that motivate you toward action and then use them. It does make a difference.

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