By Mark Tudi |

I’ve seen countless methodologies that people have tried when handing out their resume to Hiring Authorities. Some are clever, some are senseless…here are some tips for you to consider:

* Positive Tips:

o Submit your resume in a timely fashion, according to the Organization’s directions
o Have someone else who has influence in the Organization submit your resume on your behalf
o Use a business card that acts like a miniature resume that leaves a very positive impression when handed out

* Some of the Don’t’s:

o Don’t hand out your resume at a Reception/Gathering/Cocktail Party
o Don’t deliver your resume under a hotel door at a conference
o Don’t fold your resume into a paper airplane and send it over to the next table in a restaurant
o Don’t send a mass form email to your 500 favorite employers

* Think about how you would respond positively to receiving a resume and follow those steps

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