By Mark Tudi |

We have all heard that when shaking someone’s hand, you shouldn’t squeeze too hard, present a wet noodle or shake too long. But did you know that there are guidelines telling us how many pumps, length of time and the amount of firmness used, as well as the little known fact that artisans, doctors and musicians are exceptions to the rule(s).

According to Brian Yates, author of the “How to Knock ‘em dead” series, handshakes shouldn’t last more than 30 seconds. Pumping the hands should last between three (3) to six (6) pumps. And when dealing with artisans, doctors and musicians, be courteous when squeezing, they rely on their hands for their occupations and shouldn’t be judged by the firmness with which they present themselves.

So, the next time you are out with friends, bore them to death with your “useless” trivia, however, the next time you’re on an interview, make sure you’re ready for the hand shake.

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