By Mark Tudi |

One of the main keys to beginning or managing a Career in Sports is to have a solid mentor who can help you find your way through the maze that is the Sports Industry. Throughout my own career I have both benefited from the guidance of mentors and had the rewarding opportunity to mentor dozens of individuals into successful careers.

Here are some basic tips to help you find the right mentor:

1. Identify and Visualize your Objectives and Goals
What do you want out of this relationship? Visualize how your Mentor can help you get there.

2. Choose someone who has already been there and done that
You must focus on the greats who are consistent with the end you have in mind.

3. Make sure they are related to your Functional Skill Set and Marketplace Segment

4. Start Today
No mentor is perfect…The great ones are more than likely not the first ones you obtain…so get started…you will eventually meet the perfect one when they become accessible/available.

5. Make it Worth Their While
Pay them back in some ways…tickets to events they like…pay for lunch…send gifts…it is the thought that counts and they will appreciate your appreciation.

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