By Mark Tudi |

A good cover letter gets to the point quickly, effectively and needs to be remembered in a positive light so your resume is looked at with an open mind, searching for reasons to put in the “Good” pile.

The challenge is that people get way too cute with their introductions and tend to “sensationalize” to the point of turning off the Hiring Authority and getting the “delete” button pushed without even being thoroughly reviewed.

Here are some pointers:

– Have a professional Intro
– Identify the position you are seeking and announce why you are pursuing it
– List your qualifications in bullet point form, relating to your personal Unique Marginal Differences that set you apart from all the other candidates (see the Opportunity Development Plan in your My Sports Career Profile)
– The next paragraph should relate to exact experiences that match up with the most important responsibilities
– Finish it with a call to action, relating to an exact time you will be meeting, or when/how you will be following up

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