By Mark Tudi |

I get asked all the time by people everywhere what they should do to establish or grow a Career in Sports. You may be asking yourself the same questions, “How do I get started?”

The key is to start at the beginning…establish a direction, find out what you’re good at, focus on what you love, and develop a plan. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have you established a Direction?

2. What is your very specific working objective?

3. What titles are you qualified to hold?

4. What is your Functional Job Category and Scope of Responsibilities?

5. What are your Compensation requirements?

6. What are your Target Marketplace Segments (what are you most passionate about?)

– Amateur Athletics & Governing Bodies
– Corporate / Sports Marketing Suppliers
– Facilities / Live Event / Leisure
– Health & Fitness
– Professional Teams & Leagues
– Sporting Goods Brands / Consumer Products
– Sports Media

7. How is your Presentation Package? Do you have a Winning Resume? Bio? Cover Letter? 3 Unique Marginal Difference? Powerful References?

8. How are your Job Search Skills? Self-Assessment Skills? Research the Marketplace? Uncovered hidden opportunities? Communication skills? Interviewing Skills?

9. Have you set-up any Marketing Strategies & Action Plan? Positioning? Promotion? Selling?

10. Do you have a Search Schedule and Timeline? Weekly Goals (Contacts, Meetings, Interviews, etc.)? Target Period for Search Completion (About 12 weeks)?

Asking yourself these questions will form the basis of your Opportunity Development Plan. Once you have your plan in place, you can set goals to make contacts, set up meetings and interviews, and start applying for the sports jobs posted on this website.

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