Being In The “Winner’s Circle” Is Key To Job-Hunting Success

If you were to guess what the most important ingredient of a successful job search is, what would you say?

1) Having a good resume 2) Knowing how to interview 3) Getting in front of the decision maker 4) Writing good ad response and marketing letters                              5) Having a winning attitude?

All of the above are crucial to your success, but the answer is in No.5- having a winning attitude.

If you agree with the answer in theory but find it hard to live up to because of the ups and downs of job search, you are not alone. Most job seekers will agree that one must have a good attitude while searching for a position, and any deterrent, such as a turn-down or other action can cause your otherwise positive attitude to become negative.

If you admit to yourself that your attitude can stand some improvement, the following suggestions and methods of becoming a positive thinker may prove helpful.

  • Give yourself permission to feel your negative feelings. It really is okay to feel angry or depressed as long as you are in control of feeling your feelings. “Get back on the horse,” the saying goes.
  • Practice Corporate Executive Services’ “Four G’s.”

Get ready, get going, get on with it, and get it done.

  • Check your inner dialogue. How are you doing? What are you saying to yourself and to others? We fear the unknown and therefore have a tendency to procrastinate and make excuses for ourselves for not doing what we should.
  • Educate yourself by reading books on resume writing and interviewing. A better understanding of the interviewing processes can be beneficial.

You are a winner because you have gone this far and you are still trying.

You are a winner because you were born to win, even though you might sometimes forget.

You are a winner because you are creating new goals and perhaps even a new dream for your future.

You are a winner because you have learned how to be resilient.

Finally, you are a winner because you are willing to risk to get what you want. Risk, remember, has two sides: You risk if you do something positive and you risk if you refuse to help yourself.

What are you willing to risk?


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