The New Year is well on its way (we can’t believe January is almost over) and this is the perfect time to evaluate the balance in your life, reflecting on the past and anticipating the future. Is 2013 going the way you want, or do you need to make certain changes already?

There are three core dimensions in your life: personal, spiritual and professional. This is a time to start fresh by resolving to change or adjust your life. We are in the midst of an optimistic time of the year. It can be a time to end one period of your life and begin anew. It is one of the few times that people welcome, and even embrace, change.

Change is the only thing we can count on. It is the one thing that remains constant. Some people may be intimidated by change, but for others, they welcome it because they are confident in their ability to overcome the challenges it presents. Those individuals derive that strength from the commitment to their personal vision.

The importance of maintaining balance among the personal, professional and spiritual dimensions of your life is just as important as creating a personal vision with value-based goals. Each of these things makes a statement of belief in your potential and your confidence in being able to ride the tides of change.

The fear of change and the power it has to wreak havoc in our lives is what prevents us from taking action. The presumption that change will warrant unfortunate circumstances, rather than limitless opportunity, is what numbs our minds and dulls our existence.

Fortunately, if you have selected a destination (vision) and charted your course (goals) accordingly, you will have the confidence you need to surpass obstacles along your journey. By that I mean if you are prepared with a plan of action, you can easily adapt to change and conform it to fit your needs.

As Nietzsche wrote, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” When you establish that why and don’t deviate from your values, you create happiness for yourself, which in turn, effects the contribution you’re making at work. I believe that you can only have a positive impact on others and service your clients effectively when you continually reassess your needs and your goals.

As employers, we can foster an environment of enthusiasm by encouraging our employees to affirm their commitment to their goals, and proportionately, to those of the company. Only when you have individuals that are happy can you comprise a positive, committed team. Part of our responsibility as employers is to instill in our employees the need and the know-how to take charge of their own lives by balancing their career-life dimensions and transcending the self-doubt that prevents them from realizing their dreams.

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