In order to deliver what the employer wants, you must first completely understand every aspect of the employer’s situation:

1. There is a job vacancy to fill.

2. If the job is advertised, there may be a deluge with hundreds of resumes, phone calls and walk-ins.

3. There is a desire to hire the best qualified individual for the job, but there is simply not enough time or patience to review all materials.

4. The paperwork can be over-whelming.

5. The limited information from cover letters and resumes leaves it hard to identify the best qualified individuals to invite for an interview. Many look the same on paper.

What does the employer end up doing?

Don’t forget, the employer is just like you and me. The typical scenario has the employer calling his/her friends, business associates, professional peers and other people in their network for leads and possible candidates. This is the HIDDEN JOB MARKET – an informal information network for locating desirable candidates. The hiring authorities have trusted contacts that initially screen qualified candidates In the process of eventual referral.

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