Wherever sports are played you are sure to find a facility designed for the enjoyment of sport or entertainment. It might be a simple field with small bleachers or quite possibly a 100,000 seat stadium. Other definitions of sports venues includes; city parks, natatoriums, tennis complexes, golf courses, and multi-use entertainment venues.

Career opportunities exist within a particular facility¬†itself, with companies and organizations that manage facilities, or with companies that supply products and services to facilities. Most individuals are familiar with well-known sports facilities including Madison Square Garden, The Rose Bowl, The “old” Boston Gardens, Yankee Stadium, and the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Facilities / Live Events / Leisure Segments:
  • Arenas / Stadiums
  • Casino / Gaming / Hotel
  • Facility Development
  • Hospitality / Sports Travel
  • Industry Suppliers
  • Outdoor Tracks
  • Parks & Family Recreation
  • Entertainment & Leisure Activities


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