At a time of social, financial and technological uncertainty, the Industry of Sport has broken down all barriers and established itself as an international fireball, generating over $750 billion annually toward the U.S. economy.

Smart human resource professionals and hiring authorities look upon this meteoric rise with caution, as its unpredictability can mean danger if unqualified individuals are not prepared in responsible positions.

The ultimate contribution to the success of any Sports organization comes from the vision and leadership of its top management.  However, there are instances when it must reach outside its ranks to strengthen the team.  At these critical junctures, a search committee or senior executive rarely has sufficient time to devote to the task.

SPORTSEARCH is dedicated to solving these industry-wide problems:

  • For the EmployerThe average sports worker will change jobs 8 times with at least 3 career changes, contributing to an annual industry turnover rate nearing 45%.  As Sports and Entertainment converge with the new media and expanding sports properties, there is still a critical need for quality senior level executives and specialized professionals who have a self-directed career path.
  • For the Hiring AuthorityThere are over 45 million relatively qualified and sports-passionate people outside the industry who are looking for employment every year.  Although there is an overabundance of people seeking work in sports and willing to work for less money, it is still difficultto find qualified and career-tracked individuals in order to make the right hiring decision.
  • For the Senior Level ExecutiveThere is constant pressure to expand the marketplace and increase revenue by building out the business development staff with little or no budget.  It is imperative to develop strategic industry alliances and establish a network of outsourced professionals for long range career management.
  • For the College Student and Entry Level Job SeekerThousands enter the work force each year and would jump at the chance for a career in the Sports and Entertainment related industries, if there was only a Guiding Source.  Many times it is a lack of knowledge or direction that forces this group out of an industry that has been the only discipline for which they have developed a sincere passion.


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