The conditions in which sports organizations operate and how they utilize executive talent are changing significantly.

Larger corporations with established product lines and sports properties are confronted with continuous marketing challenges from many new domestic and international competitors.

Sporting goods manufacturers and emerging sports marketing agencies and are charged to shift from an entrepreneurial managing style to a seasoned management team.

Professional Teams, Leagues and Sports Facilities are charged with expanding revenue sources with less staff, thus developing a huge need for strategic thinkers, operational managers and high performance rain-makers.

The non-profit arena, which includes university athletic departments, trade associations and sports organizations, as well as local and national governing bodies, now discovers it is obligated to answer to public opinion with due process and find pacesetters whose range of politics matches their background in the Sports Business.

We approach everything we do with passion, brutal honesty and reliability.

We are driven to keep the highest level of professional standards including trust, integrity, moral responsibility and confidentiality.

We are sensitive to the client’s needs for a sense of constant urgency and timely communication.

SPORTSEARCH signifies a process of consulting and networking with clients and candidates, which ultimately creates and preserves mutual interests.

This means having the flexibility to customize our plan of action and costs to accomplish the task. It means offering maximum professionalism and one-of-a-kind value. We feel it is a major cause for our attracting new clients and THE reason for our success in all assignments.


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