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By Mark Tudi | New ventures require a large time commitment, especially when just starting out a new sports job. Plan to work long hours your first couple weeks and schedule these hours accordingly. It is much easier to plan long hours and quit early if possible, than to schedule short days and having to … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Sport is a highly competitive industry. Not just on the field, but in the job market as well. Sometimes hundreds of applicants apply for just one opening and the largest media organizations receive thousands of resumes a year. How do you make yourself stand out? It’s a difficult question with many … Read more


February 2nd, 2012

By Mark Tudi | “To be or not to be” yourself in an interview? That is the question. One of the most terrifying experiences of the job search can be the interview process. It can get even worse if you are confused as to who should show up, your true personality or your professional personality. … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Many times an interview touches on qualities that will help the prospect in the workplace. A quality that is always good to elaborate on is flexibility. Flexibility is very important in the day-to-day operations of most jobs, regardless of the industry. There are five main aspects to a flexible person: • … Read more

By Mark Tudi | If you are going to spend your time selling yourself in an interview, you should make it a learning experience. Identify and record parallels from your interviews that apply to your goals. Create a short list that integrates your learning into a mission statement, goals, objectives and critical success factors.


January 25th, 2012

Marketing skills are an essential for anyone in the midst of a career search. You might think you’re prepared if you’ve already done a thorough self-assessment of your personal qualities, accomplishments, skills, knowledge, lifestyle needs, goals and objectives. But, first, you need to put it all together in a “this-is-me” format, which is also known … Read more

The best shot at working in sports television may come from behind the camera. On-air broadcasters comprise only a small fraction of the staff necessary to telecast sporting events. Many people don’t realize that positions are available in TV that incorporate a variety of talents. From the worker with electronic skills to the individual with … Read more

By Mark Tudi | • Don’t make excuses • Don’t ever lie • Be punctual • Do more than expected • Aim for excellence, not perfection • Anticipate problems • Handle problems yourself first, then describe possible solutions • Make no assumptions • Be discreet • Take being at work seriously. Be concerned with your … Read more


January 10th, 2012

By Mark Tudi | They want to see if you have the right stuff. It’s okay to have butterflies. Most people do, even if they don’t admit it. What you do to get ready at this point is crucial to increasing your chances of success. I’m talking about the interview and how to best prepare … Read more

By Mark Tudi | There are as many different opinions about resumes as there are stars in the heavens. But, whether you choose to go with the functional, the chronological or the combination style resume, here are a couple of things you should include no matter what. Taking a look at your employment history, you … Read more