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In addition to being a prime source for solid Sports Executive Job OpportunitiesSPORTSEARCH provides free, proven, sports career advice, coaching, and mentoring in its weekly Blog, The Greatest Job in the World, and is also the developer of the renowned Sports Career Game Plan that will take you step-by-step through every thing you need to do to have a successful career in sports.

Applying For Positions

Because of the current overload of assignments and number of resumes submitted for each position, it is impossible to get back to you unless you are deemed qualified for a particular search.

We will keep your resume and contact information (strictly confidential) in our database and will match your qualifications against future searches.  If you are considered qualified as a candidate or source, we will contact you immediately in a discrete and professional manner.

We suggest you keep in touch with us and check our website on a consistent basis.

We appreciate your sincere interest and are dedicated to help you develop and prosper in your Sports Career.

It is our policy not to submit a candidate resume to an employer without the consent of the candidate.  However, any information submitted to SPORTSEARCH will become the property of SPORTSEARCH .  It is expressly understood that SPORTSEARCH will disclose and use said information in its sole discretion.  By submitting this information, you waive all claims of any kind against SPORTSEARCH for unauthorized use or disclosure by its employers, associates, or any other parties.  You consent to SPORTSEARCH verifying information submitted, including checking your references, and any other activity deemed necessary by SPORTSEARCH or its associates.  Unless instructed via e-mail or otherwise in writing to you, any e-mail replies will be sent to the return address on the information you provide.

Since an e-mail reply is possible, we urge you to send any information from a secured, private e-mail address.  We cannot be responsible for the consequences of others having access to your e-mail.

We encourage you to regularly check our Current Searches for new searches as well as to submit your resume for Future Consideration.