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Have you ever applied for a Sports Job and never even hear back from the employer? This is an all too common scenario which thousands of sports enthusiasts face when trying to break into the sports industry. Simply submitting an application and resume blindly leaves you with very little hope of getting considered for the job, or getting constructive feedback.

The experts at SPORTSEARCH can help you prepare yourself to take the next step in your career in sports. We aim to provide our readers with a wealth of experience and know-how that helps them build better resumes, improve their interviewing skills, make solid industry connections, and ultimately stand out from the crowd. We accomplish this by helping you answer the following questions:

What are employers in the sporting industry look for in the right candidate? How do I gain experience in sports? What types of jobs are available in sports? Does my resume help me stand out? What path do I need to pursue to work towards a specific career in sports?

So, before you apply for another sports job, let SPORTSEARCH help you with real career development and advice aimed at opening doors that otherwise would not be open to you. The Greatest Job in the World Awaits...

By Mark Tudi | How do you position yourself for a career with a professional sports team? Knowledge of the sport or team does help but is far from being the primary qualification for an entry level position. A job with a team in the four majors (NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball) is … Read more

While counseling job seekers, I often hear them complain that networking has become more difficult, since many of the people they meet also are between jobs. The rest are employed, but so overworked they have little time to spare for informational interviews. After thinking about the best place outside the office to locate valuable contacts, … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Because the sports industry is unique, many techniques used in other fields must be adapted. The hunt for the job is no exception. It is important to keep in mind that the hunt should be an ongoing process. It may take you through many peaks and valleys throughout the process. The … Read more

Networking has been going on for centuries. Throughout history, people have relied on people they know for information and referrals. That is how we find good doctors, auto mechanics, restaurants and all kinds of goods and services. We have been networking all our lives without putting a label on the process. If you are going … Read more

By Mark Tudi | It is hard to imagine the need or the reality of working for nothing. As ludicrous as it sounds, it may be the way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. If you have located your ideal company to work for, one that you might stick around with and … Read more

By Mark Tudi | I have attended a number of trade shows and career fairs across the country where I have met hundreds of people who desired employment in the sports industry. I appreciated their enthusiasm and desire. All of them told me that either they were going to call or send their resume to … Read more

Many people have their own formulas or lists of what it takes to become successful. A couple of my personal favorites are “Success is the sweetest revenge” or the definition of character, which is: “The ability to carry out a worthy decision once the emotion of making that decision has passed.” Most people get very … Read more


June 28th, 2011

Tact and understanding leads to effective business communications. Stress and heavy workloads can create tension in the workplace that leads to inadvertently offending a co-worker or employee. These unintentional slights can easily be blown out of proportion if a person is not aware of how their actions and comments affect others in the workplace. The … Read more


June 22nd, 2011

By Mark Tudi | No matter where you are in your career you will always need to be good at networking. That means being skilled at informational interviewing. Knowing the right people is important, but how they know you and what you know about them are even more important. If you don’t know exactly what … Read more


June 15th, 2011

By Mark Tudi | I know I could get a job if I only had a network in the industry. They always say it is not who you know but who knows you. Sound familiar? A conversation you might have had this past weekend in fact. Well, might I suggest that you dedicate yourself to … Read more