How To Self-Assess Your Career Potential Your biggest challenge today is to broaden your skills, understand the opportunities available, and self-assess your career potential. You need to take specific steps now to take charge of your own career. Here are some tips on how to assess yourself. Ask yourself these questions: . What are my … Read more

 You May Already Work for Your Next Career Opportunity By Gary Leavitt   Many people face common difficulties in obtaining employment. Many of their reasons for failure have solutions people just aren’t looking for.   The first obstacle some faced was getting their foot in the door. One way this can be accomplished is by … Read more


November 5th, 2013

THE REAL PURPOSE OF A RESUME First of all, understand that the concept of a resume is a myth. Without it, job searchers feel insecure because there is nothing to validate their existence. Without it, the interviewer feels insecure because there is nothing to verify and no script to follow-especially if the interviewer does not … Read more

Are you using your time to benefit your career? Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. Therefore, it is never too early to start working on your sports career objectives. Many college students use their free time for social activities rather than working on their career … Read more

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FINDING A JOB Rules to live by in a highly competitive industry   I Don’t panic. Unless you are an orphan with no means of financial support, you probably do not need to take the first job that comes along. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on a college education, … Read more

BEYOND HUNTING FOR A JOB: MARKETING YOURSELF Whatever your chosen career path, don’t just hunt for a new job. Instead, launch a personal marketing campaign. Use proven techniques that have earned millions of dollars for direct marketing companies around the country. Put them to work for your career’s success! Start with a written marketing plan … Read more

By Peter Titlebaum, Ed. D. Networking has become a buzz word. Everybody seems to be doing it; or, at least, everybody seems to be talking about it, anyway. So why all the excitement? What is networking, how can it help you attain your career goals and how can it be made more effective? Networking is … Read more

What is success? Is it measurable? Does it mean the same thing to each of us? As we talked about in a previous posting , having realistic goals and ways to achieve those goals can be a large part of achieving success. That said, success doesn’t just happen. It happens when we have the drive and … Read more

Communicators have frequently been accused of an inability to communicate. The skill most required in looking for a job is the art of communicating effectively. Expressing yourself clearly in writing and speaking is essential for the two critical steps in landing a job: preparing a resume and speaking at an interview. Basic communication skills should … Read more

Catching the employers eye may be the last thing you want Few things are more stressful than looking for work. Therefore, reducing or eliminating potentially stressful issues is a worthwhile effort. I have heard otherwise competent people blame the lack of a resume on their inability to decide which style to use. In some cases that … Read more