Finding the motivation to launch a job search in sports can be extremely difficult. It isn’t unusual for job seekers to move in as many unrelated directions as possible to avoid resume writing, phone calling and interviewing. Previous bad work experiences can damage your self-confidence, causing a retreat into activities that feel secure. Treating the … Read more

In order to deliver what the employer wants, you must first completely understand every aspect of the employer’s situation: 1. There is a job vacancy to fill. 2. If the job is advertised, there may be a deluge with hundreds of resumes, phone calls and walk-ins. 3. There is a desire to hire the best … Read more


March 19th, 2013

Starting your own sports business can sometimes seem like a circus, with you assuming one of two roles. Perhaps you’re a juggler, preferring the security of keeping three balls going at once: full-time job, your own business and family obligations. Unless you’re a magician, something usually has to give. Or maybe you’re a high-wire dare … Read more

Sometimes all a job search needs is a little fine tuning. Most should have the motivation and the resources. Everyone, on the other hand, should have a defined set of goals. These goals will act not only as a game plan, but also as a way of measuring the success of your search. But how … Read more

Now that you have developed a lead to what appears to be a great career opportunity, what do you plan on doing with that lead? Well, before you seal the envelope containing your resume, I would like to suggest a helpful hint or two. Follow the lead of good sales people. Good sales people don’t … Read more

Whatever your chosen career path, don’t just hunt for a new job. Instead, launch a personal marketing campaign. Use proven techniques that have earned millions of dollars for direct marketing companies around the country. Put them to work for your career’s success! Start with a written marketing plan covering the following points: 1. What are … Read more

Effective verbal communication skills are essential for career success. You may have a positive attitude and excellent technical skills, but if you are unable to do a good job of projecting that energy and confidence to your audience, you will not make a favorable impression. It is not only what you say, but how you … Read more


February 1st, 2013

The interview process is where the job hunt game can be won or lost at times. We can’t cover everything about interviewing in one posting so we will start by looking at the process from the employer perspective. Often what goes on behind the scenes in a company is different than you might expect. What … Read more

The New Year is well on its way (we can’t believe January is almost over) and this is the perfect time to evaluate the balance in your life, reflecting on the past and anticipating the future. Is 2013 going the way you want, or do you need to make certain changes already? There are three … Read more

By Art Berke | If you are confused about how you fit into the business of sports, ask yourself  this question: Is there a job that exists that you feel fits your experience and aspirations? Answering that question usually cuts to the chase and then it becomes a matter of taking the appropriate steps toward … Read more