By Mark Tudi | One important thing to remember when searching for a sports job is to set realistic and achievable goals. If your dream job is to be the PR Director with a professional franchise, learn what path should be followed to reach such a position. Take a minute to step back and figure … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Finding a job in sports is both an art and a science; it encompasses a variety of basic facts, principles and skills you can learn, but also requires adaptability to adjust to different situations. “Learning how to find a job in sports” can be as important as “knowing how to perform … Read more


February 29th, 2012

By Art Berke | When someone tells you no, you might be talking to the wrong person or there’s been a misunderstanding. Come up with alternatives and then go back and try a new angle. Remember, it is your responsibility to convince them, not vice versa. Consider the true story of someone I will call … Read more

By Mark Tudi | This is a question that is asked by many employers on a daily basis. It is important to remember that companies usually have a budget for a given position in the form of a salary. One should research positions in which they are applying for and come to an educated guess … Read more


February 16th, 2012

By Mark Tudi | Schedule interviews or meetings with a few successful leaders in your department, company, industry or profession. Be prepared with some questions that will provide you with more than yes or no answers. Prepare to let them know you noticed their success and ask them some key steps or hurdles, which they … Read more

By Mark Tudi | It is not who you know, it is what can you do for the company. Sports businesses today are looking for qualified individuals who will bring top skills to the job. Remember that companies are expecting results out of employees, and if you have skills that are vital for a job … Read more

By Mark Tudi | New ventures require a large time commitment, especially when just starting out a new sports job. Plan to work long hours your first couple weeks and schedule these hours accordingly. It is much easier to plan long hours and quit early if possible, than to schedule short days and having to … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Sport is a highly competitive industry. Not just on the field, but in the job market as well. Sometimes hundreds of applicants apply for just one opening and the largest media organizations receive thousands of resumes a year. How do you make yourself stand out? It’s a difficult question with many … Read more


February 2nd, 2012

By Mark Tudi | “To be or not to be” yourself in an interview? That is the question. One of the most terrifying experiences of the job search can be the interview process. It can get even worse if you are confused as to who should show up, your true personality or your professional personality. … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Many times an interview touches on qualities that will help the prospect in the workplace. A quality that is always good to elaborate on is flexibility. Flexibility is very important in the day-to-day operations of most jobs, regardless of the industry. There are five main aspects to a flexible person: • … Read more