How To Self-Assess Your Career Potential Your biggest challenge today is to broaden your skills, understand the opportunities available, and self-assess your career potential. You need to take specific steps now to take charge of your own career. Here are some tips on how to assess yourself. Ask yourself these questions: . What are my … Read more

 You May Already Work for Your Next Career Opportunity By Gary Leavitt   Many people face common difficulties in obtaining employment. Many of their reasons for failure have solutions people just aren’t looking for.   The first obstacle some faced was getting their foot in the door. One way this can be accomplished is by … Read more

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FINDING A JOB Rules to live by in a highly competitive industry   I Don’t panic. Unless you are an orphan with no means of financial support, you probably do not need to take the first job that comes along. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on a college education, … Read more

BEYOND HUNTING FOR A JOB: MARKETING YOURSELF Whatever your chosen career path, don’t just hunt for a new job. Instead, launch a personal marketing campaign. Use proven techniques that have earned millions of dollars for direct marketing companies around the country. Put them to work for your career’s success! Start with a written marketing plan … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Ever wondered what qualities and individual characteristics are common among those considered for a new executive or manager position? Prepare yourself with these attributes and success will surely follow: *Authority…the Ability to work with others…Communication skills and Intelligence…Ability to solve problems…Perserverence and Character…Dependability…Integrity…Maturity.

Brian and Ann thought they were the lucky ones. After all, they’d survived a barrage of corporate changes; including downsizing and then a takeover; and still had their jobs, their seniority and a generous company-funded benefit package. But neither Brian nor Ann felt particularly lucky. In fact, both found it increasingly difficult to show up … Read more

Most of us have taken the path of least resistance when choosing (or being chosen by) our careers. You took a job based on your education or connections, or you sought a job that you believed would allow you to make “a good living.” Maybe you felt compelled to keep the family business going. While … Read more

By Mark Tudi | I have attended a number of trade shows and career fairs across the country where I have met hundreds of people who desired employment in the sports industry. I appreciated their enthusiasm and desire. All of them told me that either they were going to call or send their resume to … Read more


June 28th, 2011

Tact and understanding leads to effective business communications. Stress and heavy workloads can create tension in the workplace that leads to inadvertently offending a co-worker or employee. These unintentional slights can easily be blown out of proportion if a person is not aware of how their actions and comments affect others in the workplace. The … Read more

Many of us feel confident and safe in a comfortable environment. Because of the way these environments make us feel, we tend to prefer them over others. This is sometimes referred to as your comfort zone. Comfort zones take on many shapes and sizes. From that favorite room in our house where we like to … Read more