By Mark Tudi | As this humorous video highlights, obtaining your dream job in sports is often fraught with challenges. The good news, however, is that there is more than one way to launch your sports career. While the path to becoming a big league GM may prove too difficult for many, there are many … Read more


April 25th, 2011

By Mark Tudi | SPORTSEARCH is the leading non-traditional pioneer in Executive Search, Customized Recruiting and Sports Career Development, sourcing the critical layer of management, completely focused in the Sports, Recreation and Entertainment Industries Fortune Relocation Salary Calculator This site will give insight into cost of living whether you are looking to begin a career … Read more

By Mark Tudi | We thought you might be interested to know that there are many ways for you to stay connected. You can stay abreast of our Current Searches and receive valuable Career Advice by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, if you become one of our first 1000 followers on Facebook or … Read more


April 13th, 2011

By Mark Tudi | If you’ve been in the situation that so many sports employees have, where you get stuck in a certain position or level and can’t quite break through, the following advice might help. My first question: if you’ve been in the same position over the past several years, how many different bosses have you had?  … Read more

By Mark Tudi | Career decision making is tough business.  One way a lot of people cope with these difficult considerations is by turning to others for advice.  These supporters act as a sort of “kitchen cabinet”, listening to your concerns and giving you their wisdom in return.  In a sense, they constitute your personal board of directors. … Read more


April 6th, 2011

By Mark Tudi | Balancing family life with the long hours is not easy, but it will boil down to the type of person you are, the type of relationships you have and the quality of work you deliver. Sticking to your life’s priorities will be the determining factor…Here are what I call my 5 … Read more

By Mark Tudi | It is widely believed that ticket sales is the only way to get into sports. While its true that there are usually a lot of ticket sales jobs available, there are many more opportunities in areas you might be better suited to work in. Ticket sales is a great way to … Read more


March 28th, 2011

By Mark Tudi | One key to establishing a successful career in sports is to stay ahead of the curve by identifying future trends.  One such trend is the use of new media in sports. New media tends to include several different elements, including mobile content, interactive marketing, and streaming media.  As we continue to … Read more

By Mark Tudi | A lot of people have been asking me lately how the slumping economy will effect the wide world of sports.  ESPN has an interesting article discussing this very issue. Click here to read the article.


By Mark Tudi | More than 45 million people find themselves unemployed each year.  Millions of others try to increase their satisfaction within the workplace as well as advance their careers by looking for alternative jobs and opportunities.  Statistics show that you will make more than 10 job changes and between three and five career … Read more