November 5th, 2013

THE REAL PURPOSE OF A RESUME First of all, understand that the concept of a resume is a myth. Without it, job searchers feel insecure because there is nothing to validate their existence. Without it, the interviewer feels insecure because there is nothing to verify and no script to follow-especially if the interviewer does not … Read more

Communicators have frequently been accused of an inability to communicate. The skill most required in looking for a job is the art of communicating effectively. Expressing yourself clearly in writing and speaking is essential for the two critical steps in landing a job: preparing a resume and speaking at an interview. Basic communication skills should … Read more

Catching the employers eye may be the last thing you want Few things are more stressful than looking for work. Therefore, reducing or eliminating potentially stressful issues is a worthwhile effort. I have heard otherwise competent people blame the lack of a resume on their inability to decide which style to use. In some cases that … Read more

By Mark Tudi | There are as many different opinions about resumes as there are stars in the heavens. But, whether you choose to go with the functional, the chronological or the combination style resume, here are a couple of things you should include no matter what. Taking a look at your employment history, you … Read more


November 17th, 2011

Tim Daniel was confident he’d get the job. As a university professor with more than 30 years experience in teaching, research and consulting; he had exactly the qualifications needed for a strategic planning position in the high tech industry. Tim assembled his resume, and smiled as he dropped it into the mailbox. He had to … Read more

A clear, concise resume is a powerful tool that acts as a written calling card for a job seeker. Research reveals that, on the average, people read just 60 percent of the first page of a resume and only 30 percent of the second page. This means it is essential that the information contained in … Read more

By Mark Tudi | I’ve seen countless methodologies that people have tried when handing out their resume to Hiring Authorities. Some are clever, some are senseless…here are some tips for you to consider: * Positive Tips: o Submit your resume in a timely fashion, according to the Organization’s directions o Have someone else who has … Read more

By Mark Tudi | A good cover letter gets to the point quickly, effectively and needs to be remembered in a positive light so your resume is looked at with an open mind, searching for reasons to put in the “Good” pile. The challenge is that people get way too cute with their introductions and … Read more

By Mark Tudi | It is true that so many employers today require you to submit a resume and cover letter online.  This makes it difficult to stand out against the other applications they have received – which can reach into the hundreds and thousands for certain jobs. The challenge is that the online submission process is designed to … Read more