Business Etiquette: Surviving the Holiday Office Party Article By: Diane Gottsman, National etiquette and modern manners expert; Owner, The Protocol School of Texas Site: Huffington Post If you think the holiday office party is the perfect opportunity to eat, drink and be jolly, you may want to think again. Overindulging on the holiday jingle juice … Read more

Leader Communication Could Be Better  8/23/2012 By Rebecca R. Hastings, SPHR Society for Human Resource Management: SHRM Online Experts say leaders need to step up their communication efforts to fill information gaps that exist in some workplaces. Reframing the importance of communication can help. “The most common cause of poor leader communication is that leaders … Read more

Good Communication Skills Needed To Succeed In Today’s Market By Ingrid Murro Botero   Allen and Dave Jorgenson have been friends since high school. Both have similar engineering degrees, good technical skills and strong work ethics. Both have similar jobs designing software for high-tech computer applications. Yet Mark has been promoted several times, and now … Read more

Five Common Office Hazards to Prevent   10/29/2013 By Roy Maurer From Society of Human Resource Management: SHRM Online You may think working in a comfy, climate-controlled office is safe and hazard-free, but there are many risks to your safety and health all around you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports tens of thousands of … Read more

Halloween Celebrations Can Lead to Scary Situations  10/17/2012  By Rebecca R. Hastings, SPHR   Forget about witches, ghosts and vampires. Some of the scariest things HR professionals might face on Halloween are inappropriate costumes, safety issues and an overabundance of sweets. Potential pitfalls are largely preventable, experts say. In deciding how—and whether—to celebrate Halloween at … Read more

Using Social Media to Boost Ethics and Compliance  8/9/2013 By Pamela Babcock From Society of Human Resource Management: SHRM Online Organization leaders should take a cue from their employees and spend some time on social media, experts said. Even though employees may misuse social media—and need to be trained on what is and is not … Read more


August 5th, 2013

Your network may be your most prized yet neglected resource for finding a job in Sports. “WHO YOU KNOW” is likely to be just as important to finding an opportunity in Sports as “WHAT YOU KNOW.” You must first identify who defines your current network before you can develop, expand and use networks in the … Read more


July 25th, 2013

Being In The “Winner’s Circle” Is Key To Job-Hunting Success If you were to guess what the most important ingredient of a successful job search is, what would you say? 1) Having a good resume 2) Knowing how to interview 3) Getting in front of the decision maker 4) Writing good ad response and marketing … Read more


July 17th, 2013

While the SPORTSEARCH family is pretty tightknit, we have welcomed our newest member with open arms. Stefan Demos is in his first few months as our Executive Search Consultant, and he has already proved himself to be an extremely viable asset to our team. Prior to joining SPORTSEARCH, Demos recruited for the San Antonio based … Read more

What is success? Is it measurable? Does it mean the same thing to each of us? As we talked about in a previous posting , having realistic goals and ways to achieve those goals can be a large part of achieving success. That said, success doesn’t just happen. It happens when we have the drive and … Read more