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Have you ever applied for a Sports Job and never even hear back from the employer? This is an all too common scenario which thousands of sports enthusiasts face when trying to break into the sports industry. Simply submitting an application and resume blindly leaves you with very little hope of getting considered for the job, or getting constructive feedback.

The experts at SPORTSEARCH can help you prepare yourself to take the next step in your career in sports. We aim to provide our readers with a wealth of experience and know-how that helps them build better resumes, improve their interviewing skills, make solid industry connections, and ultimately stand out from the crowd. We accomplish this by helping you answer the following questions:

What are employers in the sporting industry look for in the right candidate? How do I gain experience in sports? What types of jobs are available in sports? Does my resume help me stand out? What path do I need to pursue to work towards a specific career in sports?

So, before you apply for another sports job, let SPORTSEARCH help you with real career development and advice aimed at opening doors that otherwise would not be open to you. The Greatest Job in the World Awaits...

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By Art Berke | If you are confused about how you fit into the business of sports, ask yourself  this question: Is there a job that exists that you feel fits your experience and aspirations? Answering that question usually cuts to the chase and then it becomes a matter of taking the appropriate steps toward … Read more

By Art Berke | Many people decide they want to pursue a career in sports after working in another profession. The easiest way to make a successful transition is to use your expertise and experience to your best advantage. In other words, if your background is finance, look for opportunities in sports within that field. … Read more

By Art Berke | A major league baseball executive tells the story about a job applicant who came into an interview wearing the cap of the team in question, thinking he was going to make an impression because he was a fan of the ballclub. Well, it worked exactly the opposite. The executive saw the … Read more

By Art Berke | I’m a firm believer in the informational interview. One reason is that many executives often are more agreeable and less threatened if you’re asking to come in and learn about what they do as opposed to asking for a job. Then, it’s up to you. You will now have the opportunity … Read more

By Art Berke | It’s important to look for any advantage or connection you have that can help you in your pursuit of a career in sports. You’d be surprised how many of your friends, relatives and co-workers know someone that could connect you to a job opportunity. One good approach is reaching out to … Read more

By Art Berke | You’ve probably heard the expression, “The devil’s in the details.” I can’t stress enough how important it is to be detail-oriented. Whether it’s proofreading your resume over and over to avoid typos or having an organized system on the job, this is an important element to achieving success. The more organized … Read more

By Art Berke | Tennis great and humanitarian Arthur Ashe was a big believer that every person has unique talents—in other words, everyone has a skill that distinguishes him or her from others. Seek out your special talent, pair it with your passion, and follow that path as you pursue a career in sports.  

By Art Berke | Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden said that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If you make the commitment to be prepared, whether it’s learning about opportunities in the sports industry or for a specific job interview, you’ll be more knowledgeable, more relaxed and more confident in presenting yourself … Read more

By Art Berke | Legendary baseball executive Branch Rickey once coined the phrase, “luck is the residue of design.” It’s so true. Usually when good fortune blesses us it’s because we made it happen ourselves and we’re totally committed to making it happen. Taking advantage of every opportunity and therefore being at the right place … Read more