1. THE MUTUAL AGREEMENT… We execute a letter of Agreement detailing the requirements of the position, Candidate and the overall search strategy.
  2. THE JOB SPECIFICATION… We develop an in-depth profile of the position being searched, detailing the organization, opportunity overview, Scope & Responsibilities, Experience / Education required, as well as the complete compensation package.
  3. THE TIMELINE… We follow a very specific timeline that allows us to perform each aspect of the Search Process in a timely, efficient and effective manner, which keeps us completely accountable and helps track the progress and every element of the search.
  4. THE TARGET I.D…. We identify all resources and Candidate pools in accordance to the position’s specifications, with a focus on Industry Areas of Concentration, marketplace focus, specific skill sets to pursue, regional priority and personal intangibles.
  5. THE RESEARCH… We define the universe of potential sources and identify a population of Candidates whom we have determined to be qualified by virtue of relevant experience, education, interest, personality and job-matching qualities.
  6. THE CONTACT LIST… We create a comprehensive, easily referenced Contact List that highlights the most qualified Candidates. Each Contact List is sorted in order of hiring potential, allowing for a streamlined review of viable Candidates.
  7. THE SEARCH ACTIVITY REPORT… The working document for the search, this information provides key competitive information, market perception, acts as a valuable human resource management tool and narrows the Candidate pool quickly and efficiently.
  8. THE CONSTANT COMMUNICATION… We stay accountable during the entire search with detailed documentation, including consistent contact via phone, electronics and our Search Activity Report. We investigate all tangible challenges and intangible obstacles, in order to prepare Candidates for acceptance of an offer.
  9. THE SCREENING / INTERVIEWING… We assume full responsibility to personally interview and evaluate all serious Candidates, and then arrange Client meetings with handpicked leaders. We provide a thorough debriefing of each Candidate after the interview, with an appraisal of their interest, willingness and capability to accept employment.
  10. THE “SHORT LIST” BOOK & CANDIDATES IN-PLAY RANKING REPORT… All Top Candidates are profiled with a resume in their own style, an in-depth Q&A process applied to our PrecisionHire recruiting software and applicant tracking technology. We complete a detailed reference report that includes a thorough background check of finalists’ personal, professional and academic credentials.
  11. THE “CLOSING”… After selection is made by the Client, we assist with negotiating the compensation package and continue control over the Candidate’s resignation process including counseling, as directed, to avoid counter-offer acceptance.
  12. THE GUARANTEE… We offer the best guarantee in the business, ensuring that any Candidate hired under the terms of employment, will not leave voluntarily or be discharged due to misconduct or good cause during a period of at least 1 year.


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