WEEKS 1 and 2:

  • Discuss and develop an in-depth profile of the position.
  • Execute a letter of agreement detailing the requirements of the position, candidate and the overall search strategy and get sign-off by the company and hiring authority.
  • Define the universe of potential sources, (i.e. target identification) and identify a population of candidates whom we have determined to be qualified by virtue of relevant experience, education, interest and personality.
  • Research process continues by focusing on contacting all relevant pools of candidates and target companies.

WEEKS 2 and 3:

  • We track down all resources and pre-screen candidates in accordance to position specifications; with an assessment as to strengths and weaknesses.
  • We stay accountable for the entire search with detailed documentation, including consistent contact with the hiring authority via phone, e-mail and the SPORTSEARCH Activity Report.

WEEKS 3 and 4:

  • Primary research is completed and formal documentation process begins. (However, research is maintained until a candidate accepts an offer and position is filled).
  • After thirty (30) days, we will have generated at least 5 top candidates and over 150 contacts.
  • Conduct a thirty (30) day status meeting, in which the SPORTSEARCH Activity Report will be presented.
  • We personally interview and evaluate all serious candidates and then arrange client communication with the handpicked leaders.

WEEKS 4 through 8:

  • After reviewing and evaluating the SPORTSEARCH Activity Report, including the top 5 candidate profiles, candidates will be scheduled for interviews.
  • We provide a thorough debriefing of candidates after the interview, with an appraisal of their interest, willingness and capability to accept employment.
  • We investigate all tangible challenges and intangible obstacles in order to prepare the candidate for acceptance of an offer.
  • A detailed background check of the top candidate’s personal, professional and academic credentials will be performed.

WEEKS 8 through 12:

  • Consistent communication and/or meeting to review progress and final candidates.
  • After a selection is made, we identify the necessary compensation package and negotiate with the candidate (if requested), and continue control over the candidate’s resignation process including counseling (if necessary), to avoid counter-offer acceptance.



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